M.J. Ryan

How to Survive Change...You Didn't Ask For

&quote;Change is hard,&quote; we say, and it is even harder when it is thrust upon us. At any point, we may be forced to reinvent our career or downsize our lives; we may lose a love or a dream. Our first reaction is to rail against fate, but what if we could see past today's turmoil and spot tomorrow's opportunities that lie within unasked-for change? That's the promise of HOW TO SURVIVE CHANGE… YOU DIDN'T ASK FOR by bestselling author and executive coach, M.J. Ryan. Her paradigm-shifting book will help readers to bounce back, do more with less, rise to challenges, see new opportunities, find calm in chaos, re-evaluate priorities and reinvent yourself. In HOW TO SURVIVE CHANGE… YOU DIDN'T ASK FOR, Ryan provides strategies to retrain your brain and optimise your response to change, step-by-step: by first accepting the new reality, then expanding your options and, finally, taking effective action. She offers cutting-edge tools for becoming calmer, less fearful and more flexible, creative and resourceful in your thinking. Best of all, as your adaptability increases, so does your confidence — with her guidance, you will be able to survive and thrive no matter what life throws your way.
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