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David Price,Alison Price

Introducing Psychology of Success

An INTRODUCING PRACTICAL GUIDE to getting what you want in life. Occupational Psychologist Alison Price explores both how successful people think, and how the organizations in which they work foster a culture of success, in this easy-to-read and jargon-free INTRODUCING PRACTICAL GUIDE. With numerous real-life case studies, practical strategies to implement and easy-to-remember points to remember and work towards, this book could be your first step on the road to a more successful life.
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  • Cristián Vmembagikan kesan4 tahun yang lalu
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    A goodnbook about self improvement that has practical examples.

  • Omar Anwarmembagikan kesan6 bulan yang lalu
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  • lagf459membagikan kesan8 bulan yang lalu
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  • mariemazzabi22membuat kutipan6 bulan yang lalu
    is obvious that time is the most precious currency in your life.

    That's why we should start living and not just existing and waiting for the "right time" without being aware is that every minute that passes is never coming back

  • omamaarshad25membuat kutipan9 bulan yang lalu
    sports psychology. This branch of psychology is dedicated to helping amateur and professional sportsmen and women reach the top of their personal sporting game.
  • Omkar Sharmamembuat kutipan3 bulan yang lalu
    Dig a well before you are thirsty.

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