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Barbara Cartland

Love Drives in

Dorina's father had been an industrialist, an inventor and a genius who trained her to be his heir, sending her abroad to learn many languages.
While she was in France she learned that he had died, and she must now take over his business. But she does not feel ready, especially as she knows he has been trying to design a horseless carriage.
For a while she keeps his death a secret, to give herself time to learn, and goes to work for his great rival, the Earl of Kennington.
He is younger than she had expected, and much better looking. Working closely with him, and living in his house, she finds herself drawn to him.
Then she learns that he too is designing a horseless carriage and realises that they are in direct competition. What will he say when he discovers her true identity? As she fears, he is bitterly hurt and angry.
How they competed in a daredevil race, and what the Prince of Wales did to bring them together is told in this romantic novel.
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    "He named a sum that seemed trifling to Dorina. She could hardly have bought a hat for the amount that was to be the annual salary. But she knew that it was a generous wage for a secretary, and agreed without demur." - appalling wages.

    But Celia replied seriously, “especially to Tiggy. He says humans can understand, but a poor dumb animal doesn't know what's happening, and it's very kind of him to go on living here in the circumstances. Tiggy always gets extra special fish after an explosion.” - animals aren't poor or dumb. It's a good thing we realise they are sentient these days instead of continuing to believe such drivel.

    “I don't know about a well bred lady,” the desk sergeant protested. “From what I heard she has a splendid right hook.” - 😂😂😂

    Fun book - well rounded characters.

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    New background for the story...

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    “Love travels at the speed of light”.
    Barbara Cartland

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