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Barbara Cartland

The Triumph Of Love

Wealthy businessman John Gardner counts his wife, the widowed Countess Napier, as his finest possession. Beautiful, refined and a devoted mother, the Countess has the one thing that all his money cannot buy — a place in Society. When she dies still grieving for her first husband, the volatile Mr Gardener decides that his stepdaughter, Lady Selina, should become his passport into the titled classes. Eager to fit into a world that values birthright over cash, he decides to marry her off to the highest bidder. But he hasn’t bargained for his vivacious stepdaughter’s willful defiance. Determined to marry only for love, Selina flees the harsh discipline of Gardener Manor and takes her chances on the open road. Rescued from peril by the Marquis of Castleton, a serious and thoughtful man committed to doing his best for the people of his estate, Selina finds in him an unlikely ally. Equally appalled at plans for his own arranged marriage, the pair join forces against those intent on pushing them up the aisle. Pitched into an exciting adventure that sees them chased across Europe, Selina and the Marquis soon discover that despite their age difference they are both romantics searching for true love. But will they find it, or will their sense of duty see them both married to the wrong person? Trickery, deception and a tangled web of emotions will see their good intentions pushed to the limits, before the final explosive showdown where the Marquis finally proves himself a man of shrewd wit — and passion.
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    fatimahj07membagikan kesan3 tahun yang lalu

    "His stepdaughter, Lady Selina Napier, was just nineteen, elegant, slender and fragile in build, but strong in spirit." - always fragile...

    “When I am allowed to be.  My stepfather thinks ladies should only ride sleepy donkeys, so that’s what he keeps in the stables.  Which means that you only have my word for my riding ability.” - donkeys are beautiful, loving sentient creatures that have been mercilessly abused 💔

    Feeling in a festive mood the Marquis invited them to join his table, but the four servants were shocked at this breach of protocol. - i wonder if Queen Elizabeth mixes with her staff🤔

    Everyone else ran forward to enjoy the spectacle.  Somebody took charge of the horse that stood breathing heavily, but otherwise content to have had his fun. - doubtful the horse was having fun. Animals aren't stupid...

    “If they’re a man’s shoes, you’ll need small.” “No, I won’t.” "Why ever not?” “Because I have big feet,” Selina retorted crossly. The tailor returned with a large selection of shining boots, only the largest of which was big enough for Selina’s far from dainty feet. - this is the first time Cartland has mentioned a tall woman has "normal" feet. Usually she endows female members of the British aristocracy with ridiculous malnutritioned physiques 😂

    “If you imagine that I am going to ask advice from someone capable of buying that dreadful monstrosity that is still, unfortunately, visible beneath your coat, then you have windmills in your head!” -Windmills 😁😂

    “Politics?”  She sounded a bit startled.  “But what’s the point when they have no vote?” “But they will have one day.  The world changes.” “But how can they use a vote when they have no education?” - Castleton was a man ahead of his time!

    “I do hope my bare feet don’t offend you,” he said apologetically. - bare feet offends 😖

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    stephensonanniemembuat kutipan7 tahun yang lalu
    “As the world becomes more and more troubled, everyone should look to God for guidance and to love for happiness. There is no other way.”
    Barbara Cartland

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