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Barbara Cartland

A Dream Come True

How could you, Mama? Papa has not even been dead a year!’
When the beautiful Lucia Mountford’s mother remarries less than a year after her father’s death on the Titanic, she is shocked when the family’s fortunes suddenly go into rapid decline and her mother becomes ill.
Deeply in debt her stepfather borrows a considerable sum of money from the handsome but roguish Lord Winterton.
Horrified, Lucia discovers that not only has she been pressed into working for him as his secretary to repay the debt, but that she has been promised to Lord Winterton in marriage.
To add further misery to her burden, her mother’s condition worsens and her life hangs in the balance.
In the meantime, Lucia is being secretly wooed by the staid but good-looking Edward de Redcliffe who is intent on making her his own.
As Lucia struggles with herself over her growing attraction for her employer, events take a strange turn when the wilful and beautiful Lady Shelley sets her sights on becoming Lady Winterton.
How Lucia finds true love and what happens when Lord Winterton mysteriously disappears is all told in this intriguing novel by BARBARA CARTLAND.
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    The first survivors so far are nearly all First Class passengers.” Lucia hesitated – she had been on steam ships before and she had read stories of disasters at sea. Was not the cry women and children first? “It appears that Lord Mountford had given up his place on one of the lifeboats in order that a Second Class woman with a child could take his seat. His body was recovered from the sea and identified through a letter in his wallet.” - amazing how classist attitudes still prevail in modern times.

    The servants of Bingham Hall were rather old-fashioned in their views and were proud to be working for members of the aristocracy. Some felt that Sir Arthur might lower the tone of the place. - Downton Abbey, the Butler 😏😒

    "dear, I believe that when the Almighty decrees that it is time for us to join him, then join him we must!” - good point 🤔

    “I believe that married women should have the vote. Do we not, after all, give birth to men?” But her opinions – ‘If only they were not so forthright and so damned unfeminine!’ he thought. - he deserves a clout for that...

    "as the tall handsome man with the thick brown hair and piercing blue eyes leapt out from between the sheets and pulled on his shirt." In Cartland's world, everyone attractive has either blue, green or grey eyes lol...

    "He seemed quite unabashed that when he leaned forward over the desk to show her something, his shirt fell open and exposed his abundantly hairy chest." - first time facial and body hair has been mentioned in one of her novels 😲😂

    "She looked up at paintings of hunts and wondered if Lord Winterton found time to ride to hounds." - hunting is a despicable act and has nothing to do with sports.

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