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Barbara Cartland

For Ever and Ever

Viola Brookfield has not a care in the world until the awful day when her parents are tragically killed in a road accident, leaving her all alone in the world. So when her Aunt Mary, Lady Wakefield, writes to invite her to come and live with her in India, Viola decides to accept. But when she arrives, she finds a country fraught with unexpected dangers and that her uncle, Lord Wakefield, behaves as if she is not welcome. Violas life is further complicated when she meets the handsome but enigmatic Earl of Devonport. Amidst a backdrop of unrest and the threat of Russian invasion, Viola soon discovers that she is not the only one in Mandavi to admire the Earl and that life in India is more complex than she had thought. And when she chances upon evidence of Russian spies close to home, she puts her very life in danger. Will the Earl come to her rescue in time and just what is the family secret that hangs like a cloud over her aunt and uncle?
Can Viola find love in such a mysterious and exotic land?
Read what happens next in this exciting, romantic tale, by BARBARA CARTLAND
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    Простовато. Героиня умом и логикой не отличается. Не заслужила))


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    shook the Earl warmly by the hand.

    “You do not have to ask me. Ask the young lady herself.”

    “She has already said yes.”

    “In that case, you have our blessing. Promise me that you will make her very happy and will love her twice as much as any man possibly could. Now, we will need to decide on the day. Viola, do not let me see you on your feet– it is nearly light and, as soon as
    YOLANDA TORRES BELMONTmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    The Earl urged the two rowers to make all haste as they ploughed on through the dark night. As he looked back, he could still see the lights of the Duke’s house, high up on the cliff.

    “There rests a very worried woman,” he commented.

    “Would that be Lady Wakefield, Miss Brookfield’s aunt?” asked Albert.

    “Yes, it is. She is the

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