CJ Edwards

Ponygirl Sex

3 Red Hot Ponygirl tales from top erotica author C J Edwards.

Ponyfying the Horsey Girl: 
Lauren was an attractive 24-year-old woman but like a lot of well-bred girls she looked a bit, well, horsey! The small chin and slightly protruding teeth had given her self-image problems, causing her to dress in an ugly way. Billionaire Jeremy could see right through that. He liked submissive women as an accomplished Master and he loved horsey girls. He had a friend with a pony girl ranch and he really fancied the idea of having his own, fully-trained human pony. Before she knew what was happening, Lauren was shipped off to Texas and undergoing a startling transformation.

Training the Ponygirl: 
Lauren, the horsey-looking English girl, was the newest recruit in a Texan pony ranch. Restrained and transformed in a tight-fitting pony suit, she was tethered to a rail in her stall and used relentlessly throughout the night. Now her first proper day of training begins and she is determined not to disappoint her Master.

Ponygirl Punishment: 
English rose Lauren had grown accustomed to her new life as a trainee ponygirl. The regime was tough but it had its rewards: she was permanently aroused! She had absolutely no control of her body but no longer cared. Her Masters and trainers knew exactly what she needed and they gave her lots of it! A surprise summons to the ranch house with another pony, brought another twist. It was the Rancher's 19 year old daughter who was having a party and the ponygirls were to be the entertainment!
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