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Tori Westwood

Tori Westwood is an author of illicit erotica that'd make a porn-star blush. If you like your stories with a risqué punch and a side-order of taboo, have a look inside some of her more popular titles.

When she isn't writing about herself in the third person, Tori sometimes refers to herself as 'I.'

Tori Westwood despises long walks and thinks watching the sunset is OK, but she'd much rather have a large glass of wine and a night in with her other half.

For updates on new releases, free promotions, or just to see what she's planning next, follow her on Twitter @ToriWestwood1.

Photo credit: Milly Colley.


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I bit my lip nervously and looked at myself in the mirror.
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iked their privacy.

The house was empty when I’d awoken that day and thanks to some very naughty dreams I arose already fully aroused. The dream had felt so real and been so vivid that my pussy was wet in an instant. I couldn’t
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"Come for me, baby," Tom said breaking away from suckling at her, noticing her body's movements becoming more erratic and unpredictable


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