Lizbeth Dusseau

Slave Ranch

The ad read: Marital Problems? Infidelity? Desperate for the Affection of a Loving Wife? The Ultimate Solution for the Sexless Marriage. Call now for details about our unique program. Within 24 hours, business woman Janet Dawkins is apprehended at the airport by two uniformed men…hours later Roxanna Joyce is brutally hogtied and drugged by her latest one night stand. Early the next morning, the pretty housewife Heidi Sands is accosted by a stranger in her house, abused, bound and taken away. Tired of their sexless marriages, three unhappy husbands have taken extreme action to remedy their situation. Days later, the trio of panicked females are hauled out of a panel truck and dropped in the dirt of the R&T – more aptly named Slave Ranch. As the tough, modern day cowboy Marshall Novak explains: they are his newest inductees in an operation to reprogram them as sexy and submissive bedmates for their well-heeled husbands. The voluptuous Roxanna's rebellion is quickly met with the crack of a cane. The controlling Janet intends to coolly foil the diabolical plan. And Heidi suddenly finds a playground where her private and very kinky fantasies will come to life. For six months, the three will be tethered in separate stalls, eat from dog dishes and relieve themselves in a crude latrine. Through the use of special salves and conditioning, they're programmed to find sexual pleasure performing oral sex, to take a fist in their pussies and submit to anal sex as eagerly as they suck cock. The promiscuous Roxanna hardly needs to be trained, but will the show pony ever put out for her sugar-daddy husband? Can a controlling Janet ever soften up to sex? Will the once frigid Heidi finally let go and enjoy the kink she loves? What none of the wives or husbands realize is that the program is rarely successful. Two of these females won't be going home. But the cunning Marshall Novak knows this from the start. He wants one of these beauties as his own.
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