Jackie Barrie

The Little Fish Guide to Networking: How to Make Word-of-Mouth Marketing Work for You

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For many small business-owners, networking (or word-of-mouth marketing) is a great way to raise your profile, meet new clients and suppliers, and grow your business. This easy-to-read book is packed with tried-and-tested tips and techniques, together with stories and exercises to improve your networking skills.
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    Top tip: Don’t waste space on the back of your business card. You can use it for selling messages, a testimonial or bullet points (something that shows the benefit of your product or service to your customers).
    Mark Ongmembuat kutipan5 tahun yang lalu
    A networking tart accepts every invitation they receive (within reason). There are loads of networking opportunities out there, I recommend you try them all until you find which suits you best.
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    People like you if you behave as though you like them

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