Shirley Taylor

Email Etiquette. A Fresh look at dealing effectively with e-mail, developing great style, and writing clear, concise messages

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E-mail is one of the greatest inventions of our lifetime — phenomenally affecting the way we communicate. Reading, writing and managing e-mail is taking up an increasing amount of our time. But are we using it right? E-mail can be used to stay in touch whether we are traveling or working from home. Perhaps we can relax standards when it comes to personal e-mails, but e-mailing for business purposes has reached a new dimension. People whose jobs never used to involve writing skills are now replying dozens of e-mails each day. But under such pressure to respond quickly, what happens to the quality of the messages exchanged? The bottom line remains: just as body language helps you to making an impression in person, what you write and how you write it affects what people think of you and your organisation. Be it a thank you note, a meeting reminder, a proposal or a sales pitch, a well-written message that looks and sounds professional will make it easier for people to want to do business with you. It will help people feel good about communicating with you and help you achieve the right results.
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    could actually ruin the personal rapport that he may have built
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    This often results in being on call 24 hours a day, every day, even on weekends.
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    Style means being creative in what you write and how you write. It also means making your communication look visually-attractive (i.e. leaving a line space between paragraphs, using numbered points or bullets, also consistency).

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