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    You could say what you are. Like this:

    I am a freelance copywriter.


    You could say what you do. Like this:

    I write the copy that goes on companies’ websites and marketing materials.

    She’s in HR so this leaves her cold and she turns back to her copy of the Financial Times.

    You could focus on the results you get for your clients.

    Like this:

    I help companies sell more.
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    Nick Usborne gave me this great piece of advice: don’t think of yourself as being a freelance copywriter. Think of yourself as running a freelance copywriting business. There’s a difference. When you’re running a freelance copywriting business you need to think about sales, marketing and finance, as well as actually producing the words. I think I was about six months into my freelancing career before I realised my job was less about copywriting and more about being a salesman. (Or salesperson!)
    b7269870870membuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    Believe it or not, it’s not writing. You can teach yourself to write. Although I guess an enthusiasm for the written word does help. This is what you need to be a freelance copywriter: sales skills; a personality; belief in yourself; intelligence; and a massive sense of humour.

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