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Good Eating's Vegetarian Cooking

Dozens of delicious kitchen-tested vegetarian and vegan recipes from the Chicago Tribune’s “Veggie Cook”!
Good Eating’s Vegetarian Cooking presents exciting yet simple vegetarian and vegan recipes selected or created by Kay Stepkin, author of the “Veggie Cook” column for the Chicago Tribune. Along with each recipe is an explanation of why Stepkin chose it for the column, often including dietary benefits, the origin of the dish, and how the flavors complement one another or the time of year.
Organized by course, this book makes it easy to find the vegetarian or vegan dish you're looking for. Good Eating’s Vegetarian Cooking includes interesting information on the origins of most of its dishes and discusses which ingredients contain important nutrients to supplement plant-based diets. Hearty recipes based off rice and beans are included, along with more exotic global dishes and decadent desserts.
Good Eating’s Vegetarian Cooking is a guide to everyday vegan and vegetarian cooking. It includes dishes from many cultures, as well as methods for making more traditional vegetarian dishes exciting. With color photos and nutrition information included, it’s great for vegetarians looking for variety, as well as those who wish to bring more flavorful meatless dishes to their table.
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