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The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Bulls

A gorgeous and comprehensive look at one of the NBA’s most storied and valuable franchises—from their first season to Michael Jordan and beyond.
The Chicago Bulls have been building their highly decorated legacy for five decades now. To this day, the Bulls are one of the most popular teams the world over. Six championships, the league’s best-ever single-season record, and perhaps the greatest player of all time will do that, and Bulls fans wouldn’t have it any other way.
From the beginning, the Bulls have set records. They are still the only NBA expansion team to make the playoffs in their inaugural season with the best record ever for a first-year team. They soared to new heights after drafting Michael Jordan in the 1984 draft. Joined by fellow Hall of Famers Scottie Pippen and coach Phil Jackson, the team won two sets of three consecutive championships in the 90s. The new millennium saw repeated attempts to reignite the magic of the Jordan-era Bulls, but soon a new identity emerged of tough, hardworking team players reminiscent of the Bulls’ earlier years.
The Chicago Tribune Book of the Chicago Bulls is a decade-by-decade look at the pride of the city’s West Side produced by the award-winning journalists who have been documenting their home team since the beginning. This beautiful volume details every era in the team’s history through original reporting, in-depth analysis, interviews, archival photos, comprehensive timelines, rankings of top players by position, and other features. Profiles on key coaches, Hall of Famers, and MVPs provide an entertaining, blow-by-blow look at the team’s greatest successes and most dramatic moments.
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