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Good Eating's Christmas Recipes

Deck the table with dozens of Christmas treats from appetizers to eggnog!
Good Eating’s Christmas Recipes is a quick and easy guide to preparing successful holiday dinners. This collection features the best Christmas Eve and Christmas Day recipes from the pages of the Chicago Tribune, from the traditional to the innovative. Full-color photography captures these dishes in mouthwatering detail.
Featuring unique and creative entrees, appetizers, side dishes, and desserts, this book is perfect for anyone trying to expand their Christmas repertoire or seeking inspiration for the perfect holiday meal. Simple holiday treats and savory favorites are sure to make your table merry. Try:
Potato Pierogi • Crustless Asaparagus Quiche • Cranberry-Kissed Sweet Potatoes • Curried Red Cabbage with Chestnuts • Reilly Christmas Brisket • Obama Family Chili • Walnut Horns • Butter Cookies • Classic Egg Nog • and much more
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