David C. Price

Buzz Stories at Thirty Thousand Feet

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Harrison “Buzz” Price was a true Disney Legend and his son David Price has now written the ultimate professional and personal tribute to his father and mentor. Part memoir, part consulting primer, and part love story, “Buzz Stories at Thirty Thousand Feet” contains stories written by those with whom he shared his intelligence, humor, passion and wit. It brings you closer to understanding the birth of an industry and a life lived The Buzz Way.  Each chapter stands on its own as a tribute to a well-rounded, intelligent, one-of-a-kind pioneer who saw numbers not only as the means to an end but as a portal to magical worlds of entertainment. Known as Walt Disney's “Numbers Guy,” Buzz created the magic formulas for where to build both California’s Disneyland and the later, Walt Disney World in Florida. It was his "rollercoaster math” that made building a successful theme park possible, in an age before real theme parks existed.  Everyone who ever knew Buzz has countless stories to tell of their relationship. Some are sad, some are funny, some are enlightening, and some are not suitable for print. But all show the brilliance of the man and help explain why he is today recognized as the dean of entertainment attraction consulting. This volume is an entertaining and informative read about the life and times of Harrison Buzz Price.
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