David C. Price,Alison Price

A Practical Guide to Leadership

Leadership: A Practical Guide is packed with examples of famous leaders who achieved brilliant things against all odds.

You’ll discover their ideas, strategies and tried and tested winning solutions, which can be applied to the opportunities and challenges that you face.

So whether you’re starting from scratch as a new leader, needing to raise your game, or aiming to do what great leaders do and aim even higher, this practical yet inspirational guide will help you to perform at your very best.
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    Евг Алексmembuat kutipan2 bulan yang lalu
    Motivating People: Getting Beyond Money
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    There is a saying, ‘What gets rewarded gets done’
    Евг Алексmembuat kutipan2 bulan yang lalu
    A leader has the ability to get people to try harder and perform better at their roles simply by being attentive, connecting personally and giving them recognition.

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