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Introducing Business Creativity: A Practical Guide

Introducing Business Creativity: A Practical Guide provides innovative techniques and proven theories to help you improve your creative thinking and get more out of yourself and your business. Whether you are trying to develop entirely new initiatives or redesign the way you operate, this book will help you break out of your old patterns of thought, think outside the box and generate pioneering ideas that you can put into action.

Introducing Practical Guides bring you the world's greatest theories and research to improve your life, your skills and your well-being. Packed full of straightforward, realistic advice that has immediate results, Practical Guides are engineered by experts in their fields to help you achieve your goals.
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    mail22801membuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    Assumptions are a real creativity killer. It is often hard to recognize that you are working with assumptions, as they can be easily mistaken for cold, hard facts
    Eddie Wagtmembuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    The results show that those who are given a non-demanding task perform significantly better at the creativity test than the others – with the worst-performing set of volunteers being those who have to spend their break doing a demanding task

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