Albert Rutherford

Systems Thinking and Chaos

Learn to be comfortable with change. Increase your tolerance for uncertainty.

Chaos and unpredictability dominate our world— affecting even the smallest of events. We often cannot predict how seemingly insignificant actions will alter our lives. This may lead us into rash decisions driven by the urge to regain control and quickly fix problems. But poorly considered decisions often create more problems for us than they solve.

If you can’t fight something, get to know it and use it to your advantage.

This book is a primer on nonlinear system dynamics and chaos; how these forces shape our world and how to overcome their adverse effects. Reading this book will teach you to prepare for unpredictable events, and give you the tools to navigate the challenges of a chaotic world.
The Systems Thinker — Dynamic Systems sheds light on why sometimes life sometimes unfolds counterintuitively to expectations, how small changes can lead to tremendously big ones over time.
— Learn the difference between linear and nonlinear systems and their effect on your life.
Deepen your knowledge about the additivity and homogeneity principle.
— How to use synergy and interference in real life?
What are feedback loops and how can they generate equilibrium?

Explore and fix the “problems that never seem to go away”.

Detailed introduction to chaos theory and the butterfly effect.
— Learn the importance of exponentials, power laws, long-tail distribution,
phase transitions, bifurcation, and strange attractors.
Discover the world of fractals.
Get introduced to the world of chaos. Learn about the Raleigh-Benard instability, Metcalf’s Law, Edward Lorenz’s discovery of the Butterfly Effect, Benoit Mandelbrot’s concept of fractals, the Koch snowflake and others.
Incorporate the concept of chaos and unpredictability into your life to –counterintuitively — find more peace, and predictability.
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