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Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Story Girl

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    "I wonder if the Story Girl is pretty," said Felix aloud.

    "No, she isn't," said Dan instantly, from across the room. "But you'll think she is while she's talking to you. Everybody does. It's only when you go away from her that you find out she isn't a bit pretty after all."
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    Grown people were so strangely oblivious to the truly important things of life. Material for new garments, of night or day, could be bought in any shop for a trifling sum and made up out of hand. But if a dream escape you, in what market-place the wide world over can you hope to regain it? What coin of earthly minting will ever buy back for you that lost and lovely vision?
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    Ah, do we ever "feel quite the same" towards people who destroy our illusions?

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