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Elizabeth von Arnim

The Enchanted April

An entertaining story of four dissimilar women in post-World War I England who leave damp and rainy London for a holiday at a secluded villa on the Italian coast. Two housewives, who belong to the same church but have never spoken, are joined by a beautiful young socialite and an elderly dowager.
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    The place had an almost instantaneous influence on her as well, and of one part of this influence she was aware: it had made her, beginning on the very first evening, want to think, and acted on her curiously like a conscience. What this conscience seemed to press upon her notice with an insistence that startled her—Lady Caroline hesitated to accept the word, but it would keep on coming into her head—was that she was tawdry.

    She must think that out.
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    but April came along softly like a blessing, and if it were a fine April it was so beautiful that it was impossible not to feel different, not to feel stirred and touched.
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    Yes the four visitors, while their bodies sat—that was Mrs. Fisher's—or lay—that was Lady Caroline's—or loitered—that was Mrs. Arbuthnot's—or went in solitude up into the hills—that was Mrs. Wilkins's—were anything but torpid really. Their minds were unusually busy.

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