Jodie Jackson

You Are What You Read

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and powerless after watching the news? Does it make you feel sad about the world, without much hope for its future? Take a breath — the world is not as bad as the headlines would have you believe.
In You Are What You Read, campaigner and researcher Jodie Jackson helps us understand how our current twenty-four-hour news cycle is produced, who decides what stories are selected, why the news is mostly negative and what effect this has on us as individuals and as a society.
Combining the latest research from psychology, sociology and the media, she builds a powerful case for including solutions in our news narrative as an antidote to the negativity bias.
You Are What You Read is not just a book, it is a manifesto for a movement: it is not a call for us to ignore the negative but rather a call to not ignore the positive. It asks us to change the way we consume the news and shows us how, through our choices, we have the power to improve our media diet, our mental health and just possibly the world.
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    those who know the why of anything will always find the how
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    retractions or corrections of inaccuracies are relatively ineffective.3 This is because our brain is biased towards the first piece of information we are presented with
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    both academic research and news stories are like broccoli for the brain – important and beneficial but a little boring and hard to swallow. The news, however, has in these cases turned this analogy into deep-fried broccoli served with sweet and sour sauce. It may be palatable, easy to consume and exciting, but it is no longer of much value, and in fact doesn’t even really offer the benefits of broccoli anymore.

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