James Reid

How to Analyze People

Learn How You Can Avoid People With Less Than Noble Intentions, Improve Your Relationships and Succeed in Life.

Why should you learn to analyze people? One reason is safety. If you're very good at analyzing people, you can easily smell scammers, swindlers, and con artists a mile away. Another reason is relationships. Many people are too scared to express how they really feel about other people to the point they start resenting them for it.

If you're able to read other people well especially your loved ones, you can easily pickup on their emotional cues and interact with them accordingly even if they don't tell you how they feel. For husbands, this is a very crucial tool to keeping the peace in a marriage because most women expect their husbands to practically read their minds!
And lastly, being able to read people can help you succeed in your career. Why? Nobody succeeds without help from other people. If you're able to analyze people well, you will know how to relate to them well and get on their good side. When that happens, it'll be much easier to get all the help you'll need to achieve your career and personal goals.
In this book, that's what you'll learn. To be more specific, you'll learn the different ways you can better analyze people: through their words, through their body language, through their personality types, and through their facial micro expressions.

While you won't be as good as that dude from the show “Lie To Me” in detecting how people really feel and what they think, you'll have the opportunity to become much better so that you can relate much better to other people, succeed in life, and avoid people with less than noble intentions for you. So if you're ready, turn the page and let's begin!

So if you're ready, let's begin!
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