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Running For Weight Loss – Ultimate Beginners Running Guide

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Are you looking for all the answers on how to lose weight by running but a bit unsure about how to get started? Are you a beginner that wants a running guide to help you shift more weight, quicker? If so Running for Weight Loss: Ultimate Beginners Guide should be your first read! Developed by expert personal trainer to the likes of Marie Claire and The Daily Telegraph, Simon Lovell will give you years of experience in one special ebook that will help prevent you from injury, get you running your first 5k quicker and develop the knowledge that you need to know if you really want to shed 7–19lbs in the next 30 days.

You’ll learn Simon’s cool little secrets that will make running fun, varied and enable you to reach your first 5K in your best possible time. If you’re looking to run a Race for Life then Running for Weight Loss: Ultimate Beginners Guide is your perfect partner and you shouldn’t start running until you’ve read this.

There are of mistakes you can make when it comes to running and to maximize your results, so you need expert training plans in place, to save you time and to make your weight loss faster. Maybe you want to run your first 10 minutes, or a mile. Maybe you want to build up to your first 5k? Don’t worry, it’s all covered in Running For Weight Loss: The Ultimate Beginners Guide.

What this book will do for you

* Understand different types of training methods and how they will best work for you.

* How to run quicker while not getting out of breathe

* Running tips and tricks to help you shift more belly fat quicker

* The truth about road running vs treadmill running

* Fast, easy to implement tricks that will keep you motivated

* Whatever your ability, you’ll learn how to get started and build up gradually.

* Know how to choose the right shoes so that you can avoid injury and get the best results

* Discover the secrets that will save you wondering whether you’re running at the right pace and intensity

* How to stay motivated to reach your goal

* Teach you the essential steps to stripping off fat in the quickest time possible

plus, it doesn’t stop there, if you’re serious about running for weight loss then you’ll also learn…

* This book is aimed at those who want to start running or have begun but need more expert advise

* Hydration and the importance of drinking on the go, but the mistakes to avoid

* How to overcome the plateau which you hit the wall

* What gear to wear and why it’s so important

* The differences between running outside and on the treadmill

There’s more great news. You can get Running for Weight Loss: Ultimate Beginners Guide delivered instantly to your computer.
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    Идеальная книга для новичка в беге с советами как начать, чтобы не бросить, какую обувь подобрать и прочими frequently asked questions. Доступный язык, понятная информация, логичность повествования. И даже, не дай Бог, перечень возможных беговых травм с пояснением.
    Однако, не стоит доверять автору после его фразы, что бег это самый доступный вид спорта:) Видимо, он просто никогда не бегал марафоны большой шестерки и не страдал желанием протестировать всю современную беговую экипировка мира:))

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    Полезная книга для начинающих бегунов


    Zlatamembuat kutipan4 tahun yang lalu
    Running books often say you must go to your doctor before starting any exercise programme, and that is probably very sensible, but in reality most people don’t. You probably don’t need a medical check-up unless you are seriously overweight, have recently had a major illness (say in the last 12 months), have high blood pressure, heart or joint problems, or have a family history of heart trouble.
    Natalia Anichkinamembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    As you can see, motivation is all about the little things you tell yourself. When I am really lacking motivation, I do not tell myself that I haveto run; I tell myself that I wantto run.

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