Hugo Messer

How To Not Screw Up When Managing A Remote Team

“The main focus of this eBook is “How to get prepared for managing a remote team”. Typical questions that come up while preparing, are: Which country shall we outsource our work to?, What project shall we choose to start with? Which company suits our needs best? Shall we set up our own captive center or outsource to a partner? Are we organized well enough to start offshoring work?

Most people tend to focus a lot on these 'initiation' questions at the expense of wondering 'how to organize'. Preparation is seen as selecting the right country and partner and then 'just get going'. Many problems can be prevented by investing time in the right organization before the 'real work' starts. In this eBook, we try to provide advice on both perspectives, based on experiences from several experts around the globe."
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    Только для компаний, которые нанимают команду разработки на аутсорс, чтобы рассмотреть плюсы и минусы. В остальном советов как именно управлять нет

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    Полезные несколько инсайтов про разделение управляющих ролей при проекте с удалённой командой. Но на этом, увы, все.


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    His hands-off management style
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    You have a fixed account manager for your project.
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    Your vendor company assigns a project manager or team lead or at least a senior developer with management skills from their side. This is your technical point of

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