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Lizbeth Dusseau

Naughty Niki

Beautiful, wealthy and bored, Bernardo Sanchez's new bride Niki has nothing to do at her husband's fancy hacienda while he's off making money. She's horny and wants sex, and her naughty desires soon take charge. Dressing up like a high-class slut, she takes off in her brand new Porsche to scour the local bars for one night stands. Then, when a freak desert storm takes out the back half of the hacienda, she's flirting with the macho workmen who arrive to rebuild the house. The carpenter, the plumber, even the foreman catch her fancy and she's ready for more hot fun in bed. But only when Reuben, the roughest and meanest of her lovers, demands Niki's complete submission does the slut realize her body craves kinky sex. He forces her to grovel before him and his friends, submit to bondage, whipping, anal sex and more — all of which she loves! Despite her fears of being caught, Niki can't help but give-in to her nasty desires and this ruthless man. But the torrid D/s affair between Niki and Reuben gets complicated when brother-in-law, Gino, catches them in a bar, and later shows up at the hacienda wanting a piece of Niki for himself. Then, a mysterious man forces himself on her one night in the garage, and later assaults her town. This sadistic stranger appears out of nowhere demanding Niki's surrender, only to leave her breathless and sated as she's never been before. Who is this man — Reuben, Gino, the flirtatious young gardener, Freddie? Or someone else? She has no idea. As Niki's wicked infidelity spirals out of control, is there any way she can stop the madness, halt her own rapacious lust, cure her addiction to sex before her entire life is shattered?
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