Aiden Sisko

The Ultimate Burnout Cure

If you are feeling completely overwhelmed at work to the point of self-neglect, if you feel as if life simply has nothing more to offer you, or if you simply have discovered that your ideal career was the exact opposite of what you thought it would be, you will eventually reach a point of utter disgust and exhaustion which is referred to as “burn-out”. This book will not only address the many sides to burnout, but will provide you solutions to re-ignite the fire, passions and dream in the many aspects of your self and life, to cure your burnout woes!========TABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONRECOGNIZING BURN-OUTWHICH KIND OF BURN-OUT IS IT?Burn-out from Day to Day ParentingWork or Career Obsession (Workaholic)A Counterproductive Atmosphere at WorkThe Angels & the Vixens; the Drags and the WarriorsIT’S TIME TO SNAP OUT OF IT!Adjusting and Setting Your Personal FocusMAPPING OUT YOUR PERSONAL PLAN FOR SYNERGY ACHIEVEMENTWriting Your Own Personal Mission StatementMission Statement Examples & OutlinesIdentifying and Claiming Goals Individually and as a Family UnitPinpointing and Setting Present and Future Career GoalsPutting Your Brainstorms to the TestExample of a Plan of Synergy
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