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Aiden Sisko

The Ultimate Guide to Counselling,Coaching and Mentoring – The Handbook of Coaching Skills and Tools to Improve Results and Performance Of your Team!

If your main focus is growth, the most valuable asset you can possess is a quality assemblage of employees/team members who are flexible learners; problem solvers, well motivated and highly trained who will put your company on the fast track to success!Proper coaching and mentoring of this team will put you right were you need to be. This will only be possible if you work closely with each member of your team’s professional and personal growth in their abilities and performance. Close and skillful coaching and mentoring to develop champions!This book aims to do exactly that and more.

Table of ContentsCONTENT OVERVIEWMORE IN REGARD TO COACHING: BUILDING YOUR PEOPLE SKILLSEducate Yourself by Gaining Much Needed InformationThe Format for FeedbackA Team Coach of SubstanceDevelop Skills:Plot the Course:Review and ConsiderChoose SpecificallyDesign a Free-Flow ProcessMENTORING: NEED TO KNOW INFORMATION; NEED TO HAVE SKILLSHow Can You Benefit From All This?How to be a Mentor of QualityKeeping Lines of Communication Open: Learning Honest Give & TakeYou Must Focus on Building TrustCOUNSELING AND YOUIdentification of the Trouble AreasAssist the Employee in Realizing the need to Improve Performance in That AreaSet Goals with the Employee that will be Conducive to ImprovementMake sure the goals set are achievedWhen the behavior is right, let them know!A.    Issue a Verbal WarningB.    Issue a Written WarningC.    If the Offense Occurs Yet Again, Human Resources Should Issue a Formal ReprimandD.    SuspensionCONCLUSION
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