Ellis Logan

Lost Moon

Cat-eared chimeras, hunky detectives, cagey zealots and a slave-trading space station.
Many people dream of an off-world life, but for Nikta Kozan the wilds of Renga are more than enough. She has plenty to do, delivering mail in a lawless frontier, reporting back to her magic-wielding cousins at the shadowy Enso, and trying to mend relations with her brother at the Chalinex City Police Department. When one of her favorite customers complains about a missing grandson, can she hand over the case to the cops or will this feisty ket have to handle things on her own? Find out in this thrilling, action-packed sequel to Post Magic.
If you liked Firefly, Dark Angel, Lost Girl, Dark Matter or the Dresden Files, you'll love Post Magic, a wild paranormal space fantasy with steampunk elements.
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    The release yielded instant benefits, like turning a pressure valve on a steamer.


    A few of the suits nearby muttered uneasily, moved further away.

    “Careful, cousin, you’re disturbing the eggs,” Viv whispered, amused, using our childhood name for the regs who feared us. So fragile, worse than chickens, she’d once said. I could tell from her current tone she wouldn’t much mind ruffling some feathers herself.

    With Ava not around to cool her sister’s temper, I realized I needed to get my own under control. Not all regs were bad
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    The sky glimmered darkly overhead, though Yuki was making a short visit to lend her auspicious blessings to the day of Harai – purification rituals and celebrations to

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