Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts is an English author of fiction and a school teacher. He is the author of the crime series DCI David Rosen, and the Eve Clay series. In addition to writing novels and his teaching career, Roberts also writes plays, and one of them, Light Entertainment, won a Manchester Evening News Theatre Award for the best new play.

Mark Roberts was born and raised in Liverpool. He studied at St. Francis Xavier's College. He was a mainstream teacher for twenty years and spent thirteen years working with children with severe learning disabilities.

Before he began writing detective stories, Mark Roberts also wrote for television and radio and had two published novels for young readers. His play Light Entertainment was shortlisted for the Alfred Bradley Award, a BBC Drama Award.

His first adult novel was The Sixth Soul (2013), a horrifying thriller about the laid-back DCI David Rosen and his Scotland Yard team who try to catch a creepy serial killer. This crime fiction is part of the D.C.I. Rosen series. He followed it up with the 2014 book What She Saw.

Mark Roberts is best known for his DCI Eve Clay series. The first book in that series, Blood Mist (2015), quickly made it to number one on the Australian kindle chart.

The series is set in Liverpool and features Eve Clay, a detective with a peculiar affinity for Satanism. Eve Clay’s investigations continue in Dead Silent (2016), Day of the Dead (2017), Killing Time (2018), and A Date with Death (2019).

Mark Roberts still lives and works in Liverpool.


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But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
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I never writ, nor no man ever loved.
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d her birth certificate and hid it in the pocket of her jeans.

As the office door opened behind her, Eve watched a pair of paramedics carrying a man in his twenties on a stretcher. He was covered from the neck down by a blue blanket, a mop of blond curls framing his bloodstained face.

‘Eve, what are you doing at the window?’ Mrs Tripp sounded confused and panic-stricken but disguised it by filling her voice with bogus compassion.

‘I’m doing exactly what you told m
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