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Mohammed bin Maktoum

Flashes of Thought

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If you thought it was worth hearing the insights of a man at the head of a major corporation or who has turned around a disaster-prone technology company, here's a new level. This book is packed with ideas for governance, leadership and life from the man behind the city that's home to the world's tallest tower, largest mall and two million people from 220 nationalities – backed by the world's busiest airport and the biggest manmade seaport on earth. This is Dubai and its ruler, Sheikh Mohammed. And these are his inspirations for leadership and success.

Available for the first time in an updated and refreshed Pocket Edition, Sheikh Mohammed shares the many important ideas which not only sit at the heart of his vision for his nation but are also central to the wellbeing of society and personal happiness. By bringing together these unique experiences, ideas and thoughts, Flashes of Thought offers a compelling routemap and blueprint for professional and personal fulfilment.

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  • Vasily Betinmembuat kutipan9 tahun yang lalu
    Be bright-eyed, attentive and open to new ideas and experiences – reach out and enjoy the life you have
  • Vasily Betinmembuat kutipan9 tahun yang lalu
    Innovation is the capital of the future.
  • Vasily Betinmembuat kutipan9 tahun yang lalu
    We must always aim higher in order to sustain our ambition and achieve excellence

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