Catherine Lim

Roll Out the Champagne, Singapore!

30 stories about ordinary Singaporeans at their best and worst, their joys and griefs and angers, their dreams fulfilled or lost. They are tales about the awesome human condition and the even more awesome human spirit, interweaved with the author’s vignettes of her nearly 50 years in Singapore, such as how she came from Malaysia to live in Singapore and her run-in with then prime minister Goh Chok Tong.Stories include:The Quitter Who StayedA Sock on the Jaw, a Blow on the Solar PlexusThe Taximan ComethA Writer’s Roller Coaster RideThe BKBC (bo kia bo chap) InterviewLittle Red DotA Good Man in SingaporeElvis Presley Gave Me a Winning 4D NumberThanks, but No Thanks, Censorship!The Sixth CAbout the AuthorCatherine Lim is Singapore’s celebrated fiction author and prominent political commentator. She has written almost 20 books across various genres – short stories, novels, reflective prose, poems, political and satirical pieces.Known for writing about Singapore society, she has crossed swords several times with the establishment over her political commentaries. In this latest book, she rolls out the birthday champagne for Singapore and celebrates her adopted country’s 50th birthday
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    She says to her son: ‘Take this. Remember where you came from.’ The son, only sixteen, sails to a new country where, together with other coolies like himself, he works very hard, toiling for hours in the hot sun. His back aches with the heavy loads, his hands are calloused. Over the years, he is so busy working hard, saving money and looking for opportunities to make more money that he has little time to think of the old country. The new country rewards him well. Soon, like many of his fellow workers, he decides to make it his home.

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