David Evans

The Golden Books About Golden Retriever: The Complete Guide from Puppies to a Healthy Long Lived Men's Best Friend

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Hi my name is David Evans and I am a golden retriever lover
I've had golden retriever my whole life
So I can proudly say that I pretty much know a lot about golden retriever
It just breaks my heart when I see news or people mistreating them
So, I had to find a way to share this knowledge and love with others
Thus, this book is written

Inside this book, you'll find:
-how to know that you are meant to be a golden retriever owner
-how and where to pick the puppy
-how to prepare and make your home his/her home
-what toys you need to buy or don't need to buy
-which family member he/she'll be sleeping with
-great tips on housebreaking
-three most important commands your dog must know
-the daily loving care you should give
-and many more

I really do believe that you'll learn a lot about golden retriever from this book
I also believe that the more you know about them, how they think, react and play, the closer the two of you are going to be
And the bigger your love for them is going to be
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