Nancy Corrigan

Wild Hunt

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Hunter Sacrificed

Wild Hunt, book 1

In the game of good vs. evil, he unleashes…HELL

Arawn, Lord of the Underworld, has made a mistake, the biggest of his long life. He’s fallen in love and neglected his duties. Now, innocent humans are suffering…dying…begging for vengeance.

Only he can save them from the horrors of Hell.

But doing so might very well destroy his bond with the one woman who holds his heart and soul.

He has no choice. His wrong must be righted. Besides, love has no place among the damned.

Or does it?

Hunter Deceived

Wild Hunt, book 2

He was born to kill her…but he’ll risk everything to save her.

Calan, the leader of the Wild Hunt, was created for one purpose—to exact vengeance against the Unseelie Court. He hunts the corrupted fairies and returns them to the Underworld. He is not supposed to fall in love with one.

But Harley, a half breed fairy who is teetering on the brink of madness, captures his heart and soul with only a glance. Learning that she’s resisted the lure of evil because of him seals his fate.

He’ll take on hell to love her. But saving her from a fate she can’t escape could damn them both…and leave the world open for destruction.

Hunter Forsaken

Wild hunt, book 3

When dreams and reality collide, nothing—especially love—is what it seems.

In the slice of a moment, Ian Callahan lost everything he cared about. Chained and abandoned, he awakens on the edge of insanity. One thing brings him back—the memory of a lover he’s only seen in his dreams.

Her scent awakens the hungry beast within him. Her touch unleashes his lust. And her grim fate stirs his protective instincts.

Tegan, one of the riders in the Wild Hunt, carries a curse meant for the Unseelie Court, and her time to escape eternal damnation is running out.

Just one last challenge stands in the way of claiming each other, once and for all. And failure means facing eternity the incomplete halves of a whole.

Hunter Mourned

Wild Hunt, book 4

Two souls cheated. A love mourned. A future never forgotten.

One goal sends Trevor O’Connor prowling the streets at night—revenge against the man preying on tall, dark-haired women. But in the ‘Otherworld’ that Trevor is now a part of, plans never go as expected, especially when he’s only a human playing with monsters.

A random act of violence forces Rowan to face eternity alone. She fills her nights with mindless sex, hunting, and her duty to mankind…until she meets a man who helps her remember love. Claiming what once belonged to her isn’t as simple as she’d like, however.

She’s not free.

The curse hanging over her demands she choose a path. And Trevor will do anything to ensure she picks the right one.
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    Hunt; also known as the Teulu
    Teulu – family of Hunters; members consist of the bastard children of Arawn, Lord of the Underworld, and those humans invited to ride in the Wild Hunt
    Wild Hunt – the endless nightly hunt of those beings infected by Chaos
    Chaos – the raw power from which the world was formed; disorder in its purest form
    Fairy – an otherworldly creature; either Seelie or Unseelie
    Seelie – a fairy who is “good” or “pure”
    Unseelie – a Seelie who has either willing or unwilling been infected with Chaos; a fairy who is “bad” or “evil”
    Seelie Fairy Court – the ruling faction of the Seelies; no known members; once led by Dagda
    Unseelie Fairy Court – the ruling faction of the Unseelies; included are the Unseelies and the redcaps; led by Dar (formerly known as Dagda)
    Redcap – a human who has sold his soul to an Unseelie in exchange for immortality and power; leaders of the Unseelie Fairy Court’s army of sluaghs
    Sluagh – the walking dead; a human who has been tricked into a redcap’s fairy ring
    Glamour – the magic of the fairies (both Seelie and Unseelie)
    Carina Rita Hansenmembuat kutipan5 tahun yang lalu
    A mere thought connected them, allowing him to take her pain into himself whether she was across the fortress or in the heavens
    Carina Rita Hansenmembuat kutipan5 tahun yang lalu
    “My deal with Lucifer has nothing to do with mating you. I did not have to complete our union to benefit from your healing touch.” She yanked one hand free of his hold, then cupped his cheek. “I could’ve returned any time I needed you, and you would’ve welcomed me. Do not forget that.”
    Because the mate bond, even a partial one, would demand he comfort and care for her, no matter what.
    “Maybe not welcomed.” He leaned into her touch. “I would’ve been bitter.”
    “But you would’ve healed me

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