Nancy Corrigan



Carina Rita Hansenmembuat kutipanbulan lalu
Dammit, someone was twisting the facts. That was sacrilege in her eyes. Data should never be altered.
“And what’s your take on it?”
“The same as I told the authorities.” He lowered his voice. “The fire demons have risen.”
Of course. The lack of detail made sense. Nobody in their right mind would add a supernatural creature to the list of possible causes.
Carina Rita Hansenmembuat kutipanbulan lalu
His scent filled her lungs. Crisp and clear, it reminded her of an autumn morning; the refreshing kind where mist covered the ground and your breath fogged the air. She swayed with a sudden wave of dizziness. He firmed his grip on her hips
Carina Rita Hansenmembuat kutipanbulan lalu
In times gone by, the sharing of a male’s blood marked a female as a chosen consort: a possible mate and feeding source. And the first step in the mating process. He shoved the thought deep. He had no plans to bind himself to the female, despite the words he’d spoken into her mind. They had been instinctual. Their race was essentially dead; only a few males remained
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