Malin Edholm

The Easter Egg – Erotic Short Story

“Her fingers itch, and she can't wait any longer, she traces the contour of her vagina. In a circular movement, she lets her hands get closer and closer to her core. Lets her fingers wander over her labia. Light as a feather, she strokes herself as her labia grows bigger and bigger and spreads wider and wider. Then she pulls back her clitoral hood and exposes her clitoris. It is still too sensitive for her to touch, but not for her to look at.”
The knock on the door makes Lea jump. She opens it and is met by a delivery guy with a package under his arm. Inside she finds an enormous Easter egg. Maybe it's filled with candy? Perhaps she can bring it to the Easter dinner tonight? But when Lea opens the egg, there is no candy-only three egg-shaped vibrators. She is gripped by lust immediately. Heat spreads throughout her body, and horniness takes her over.

Malin Edholm has an education in gender science and wants to write erotic short stories that in some way break or challenge the norm. Malin Edholm has written multiple erotic short stories.
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Emma Ericson
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