Malin Edholm

Passion in the Looking Glass – Erotic Short Story

Erotica, sex, desire, lust, passion, excitement, fantasy, horny, short story
“When the door to the toilet opens, I am humping the sink vigorously with my hand in my panties and two fingers inside my vagina. Shocked and incredibly embarrassed I turn to see who has just opened the door that I was completely sure that I had locked. Of course, it's him. Tall, gangly, wiry. And most importantly-with a pulsating bulge in his jeans.”
The protagonist is going on a seven-hour long train journey. What she doesn‘t know when she boards the train is that he will be sitting next to her. The guy who makes her body react so strongly that everything turns into a dream.
Passion in the looking glass takes the reader on an expedition through the sexual fantasy and the intense attraction to a stranger. It's a story of unstoppable lust and desire. It's an erotic short story about female pleasure and insatiable yearning.

Malin Edholm has an education in gender science and wants to write erotic short stories that in some way break or challenge the norm. Malin Edholm has written multiple erotic short stories.
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Emma Ericson
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