Berlitz: Dubai Pocket Guide

Berlitz Pocket Guide Dubai combines authoritative narrative detail with vibrant photography to help you get the most out of Dubai's varied and vibrant offerings. It gives you everything you need to know about the Emirate's attractions, from its gorgeous beaches to its stunning architecture and hedonistic nightlife.
Getting to grips with Dubai's ever-changing landscape is made easier with practical maps on the cover flaps to help you navigate the city. To inspire you, the book offers a rundown of Top 10 Attractions, followed by an itinerary for a Perfect Day in the emirate.
The What to Do chapter is snapshot of ways to spend your time, from relaxing in a spa to cruising the malls or enjoying a huge range of adventure sports.
The book provides all the essential background information, including a brief history of the region and an Eating Out chapter covering its plethora of mouth-watering cuisine. There are carefully chosen listings of the best hotels and restaurants and an A-Z of all the practical information you'll need.
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    Ladies Nights are a Dubai institution. These are usually held on Wednesday, Thursday or, most commonly, Tuesday nights in an attempt to drum up custom during the quieter midweek evenings, with lots of places around the city offering all sorts of deals for women, ranging from a couple of free cocktails up to complimentary champagne all night.
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    hotels divide into beachfront resort-style hotels, almost all of which are located in the southern part of the city, and business-oriented hotels, the best of which can be found strung along or near to Sheikh Zayed Road. There are also a handful of good places in or around the old city centre. There is plenty of cheaper accommodation in the areas around the Creek as well, although standards are more basic.
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    during the holy month of Ramadan, eating and drinking in public (which includes smoking and chewing gum) are forbidden during daylight hours, and although hotels serve guests food and drink in curtained-off areas, no alcohol is served anywhere until after dark

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