Anastasia Zaloga

Self-Love. 50 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem

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    You do not have to be remarkable to earn your own love to yourself. You deserve it only because you exist.
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    Maybe in the past you made some mistakes and you still feel guilty about it. Maybe you are still mad at yourself, you still criticize and blame yourself. Grievances against yourself - one of the reasons why you do not have self-love. It's time to get rid of it. You will need several blank sheets of paper, a pen, handkerchiefs and a glass of water.
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    Your relationships with yourself are most likely affected by other people and some external circumstances. Self-love is directly linked to your achievements. “I love myself when I succeed at something”. Sometimes looking in the mirror, you find yourself attractive. At the same time, you can be dissatisfied with something in your appearance.
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    Write down everything daily. Which exercises you have completed, how your self-image is changing and any interesting thoughts that come to your head, as well as any unexpected and pleasant outcomes
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    being love and warmed up by someone.
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    Your biggest enemy is yourself.
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    You are the creator in your life and you live on your own terms. There’re lots of achievements in your life and there’s something of which you can be really proud.
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    Hating yourself is a feeling that stops you from moving forward.
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    Your reflection in the mirror doesn’t create positive feelings, but rather becomes another source of negativity.
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    If you don’t love yourself, you’re not satisfied with yourself and the results of your life up to that point. When you compare yourself with someone else over and over, you feel disappointed. When you criticize your every action, you’re always unhappy.
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