Anastasia Zaloga

Self-Love. 50 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem

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This book will:

• Give 50 verified ways to raise your self-esteem and the level of self-love;

• Show the way out of a long-lasting depression, you will stop being your enemy #1;

• Help to forget about guilt, you will forgive yourself for past mistakes;

• Let realize how valuable and unique you are; will help fall in love with yourself;

• Inspire to fulfil a potential without being afraid of other people criticizing you;

• Teach to stay friends with yourself even during times of distress;

• Transform relationships: people close will start treating with more love, care and respect;

• Urge to change the job that don't like and find something different that will enjoy;

• Present a step-by-step plan of how to change an attitude toward yourself — from hatred to love in 30 days.
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    It made me feel that I can do anything once I changed my perspectives and put me first and not be too hard on oneself.

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    You do not have to be remarkable to earn your own love to yourself. You deserve it only because you exist.
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    Maybe in the past you made some mistakes and you still feel guilty about it. Maybe you are still mad at yourself, you still criticize and blame yourself. Grievances against yourself - one of the reasons why you do not have self-love. It's time to get rid of it. You will need several blank sheets of paper, a pen, handkerchiefs and a glass of water.
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    Your relationships with yourself are most likely affected by other people and some external circumstances. Self-love is directly linked to your achievements. “I love myself when I succeed at something”. Sometimes looking in the mirror, you find yourself attractive. At the same time, you can be dissatisfied with something in your appearance.

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