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Gene McHugh

Post Internet

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Post Internet is a blog developed between December 2009 and September 2010 by the New York based art critic Gene McHugh, thanks to a grant of the Creative Capital | Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant Program.
For almost a year, Gene McHugh kept filling this folder with his personal notes. Writing and posting became a daily, regular activity, that sometimes produced many posts a day, sometimes long (or very long) texts posted at a slower pace.
However, Post Internet is not just a piece of beautiful criticism, as reading this book proves. It's also, in itself, a piece of Post Internet art in the shape of an art criticism blog.
GENE MCHUGH is an art writer and curator based in Brooklyn. His writing has appeared in Artforum and Rhizome. McHugh is currently the Kress Fellow in Interpretive Technology at the Whitney Museum of American Art.
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    If you use bookmate, you can't get it, for sure, sorry.

    Finally, the internet is over. I saw him hatch, I will see his collapse.


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    Take pictures of yourselves, he had said, pictures every moment of the day
  • Oxana Morozmembuat kutipan6 tahun yang lalu
    On some general level, the rise of social networking and the professionalization of web design reduced the technical nature of network computing, shifting the Internet from a specialized world for nerds and the technologically-minded, to a mainstream world for nerds, the technologically-minded and grandmas and sports fans and business people and painters and everyone else. Here comes everybody.
  • Oxana Morozmembuat kutipan6 tahun yang lalu
    it’s great that some people no longer even know new media when they see it.

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