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Wrede on Writing

The authoritative guide to the craft and business of writing.
Patricia C. Wrede has been a stalwart of the sci-fi/fantasy world for decades, publishing dozens of books across multiple series, storming bestseller lists and corralling accolades from critics and fans alike. Now, with brilliant insight and a sparkling wit, Wrede shows beginning writers the ropes in Wrede on Writing.
Wrede tackles all issues for writers, from the basic how-to’s to the more advanced topics on character development and worldbuilding. In her conversational tone, she gives writers the tips and tricks her experience has brought. After Wrede on Writing, authors will have the knowledge to put their tools to better use. Thinking of starting a book? Trying to finish one? Wrede on Writing will guide you towards that superior draft to send to agents, to publishers, and to readers.
Before she became a successful full-time writer, Patricia C. Wrede worked in finance, and she also provides for authors an extensive look at how to manage the money—from royalties to determining the financial potential of your next project, Wrede provides authors with deep insight into the business of writing.
A brilliant guide from a literary stalwart, Wrede on Writing is the book everyone with a novel under their beds or inside their heads should read.
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    Plot, characters, and background are the Big Three when it comes to writing
    Ingrid Otsmembuat kutipantahun lalu
    The trick is teaching yourself to look at everyday things this way (it doesn’t come naturally to everyone, not even to all writers). Creative brainstorming is one way of training it, and it’s the most fun if you get a group together, though you can do it alone. You can pick a topic, or you can simply open a dictionary and pick two random words, or you can just have everyone in the room write down a one-sentence character description, a one-sentence description of an object, and an action on separate pieces of paper. Mix the words or sentences or topics in a bowl and draw two or three; then set a timer for ten minutes and begin writing a list of ideas and associations and possible plots.
    Alisa-Natalia Loginovamembuat kutipan3 tahun yang lalu
    Which brings me to the last point: if you are not having big fun, collaborating may not be worth the aggravation. And it will be aggravating at times—when your partner is late with their next draft, when he doesn’t have time to meet and work out that little plot problem you need to settle, when she wants you to meet at an inconvenient time, when he or she is excited and you’re feeling worn down (or vice versa). It can be fun anyway. If it isn’t, it’s OK to talk it over with your partner and agree to stop.

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