Julius Fast

Body Language

A revised and updated edition of the New York Times–bestselling classic on understanding body language from the author of Subtext.
Body Language helps you to understand the unconscious body movements and postures that provide intimate keys to what a person is really thinking and the secrets of their true inner selves. You will learn how to read the angle of shoulders, the tilt of a head, or the tap of a foot, in order to discern whether an individual is angry, frightened, or cheerful. You will be able to use Body Language to discover the most—and least—important person in any group by the way others position themselves. The body is not able to lie, for it sends subtle signals to those who know how to read them. Body Language will even show you how to do it without others knowing you are observing them. Body Language was a huge best seller when first published and has remained in print ever since. It has been thoroughly updated and revised especially for this ebook edition.
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    When Mike saunters into a room he signals his message automatically. “I’m available, I’m masculine. I’m aggressive and knowledgeable.”

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