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Build Your Brand with Pinterest

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Social media marketing is quickly becoming a crucial aspect of promoting any business: free and easy-to-learn platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest mean than businesses of all sizes can interact effectively with their target markets in our 21st century world. Many entrepreneurs successfully use these social media platforms as a way to market their businesses online, and you can too.

As one of the most quickly growing social media platforms, CNN reports that according to Experian Marketing Services 2012 Digital Marketing Trend Report, Pinterest ranks number three on the list of most visited social sites, behind Facebook and Twitter. In the month of February alone, Pinterest attracted new users at an astonishing rate, increasing traffic to the site by fifty percent. The study also found that over ninety percent of adult internet users regularly visit one or more social media sites.

Want to learn how to use this powerful tool to your fullest advantage?


A former financial adviser with over a decade of experience in personal finance and small business banking, Sarita Harbour is a professional freelance writer specializing in small business, personal finance, and content marketing techniques. Sarita is passionate about frugal living, financial literacy, and teaching small business owners how to provide and market excellent content on their websites. Her writing appears online at Zerys.com, Chron.com, The Business Finance Store and several other business and finance blogs. Sarita graduated from the University of Guelph with a degree in Psychology, and she holds the Personal Financial Planning designation from the Institute of Canadian Bankers. View her writing clips online at http://saritaharbour.contently.com/. Sarita can be found on Twitter @Avamummy.


According to the Wall Street Journal, its 17.8 million users places Pinterest ahead of LinkedIn on the list of most used social media sites, and it is also third on the list of the fastest growing American websites for the month of February, 2012. New accounts are opened every day, and businesses of all sizes are taking note of the marketing opportunities Pinterest provides.

On ways an experienced user can build their brand on Pinterest:

#8. Pin Tutorials: Video tutorials are an excellent way to get your business noticed on Pinterest. With so many do-it-yourself-ers looking online for advice on everything from painting a room to learning to knit, pinning a tutorial linking back to your website with the products needed for the project makes great marketing sense. Create your video and upload it to YouTube. On YouTube, click the share button and copy the url for the video (do NOT use the embed code). On Pinterest, click the Add button on the top of the screen. Paste in the url and click Find Images. Write a great description and pin your video tutorial to the board of your choice.


How to Build Your Brand With Pinterest

+ Introduction

+ What Makes Pinterest Different from Other Social Media Sites?

+ For Pinterest Novices

+ 15 Ways an Experienced Pinterest User Can Build Their Brand on Pinterest

+ …and much more
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