Kevin O'Gorman,Scot Harris

Mastering Gamification: Customer Engagement in 30 Days

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Gamification has taken the business world by storm as a proven method for improving customer engagement and in turn business revenue. More and more multi-million dollar companies are adopting this technique, and now we've scaled it down to work for your business. Scot Harris, Strategist and Semi-Geek Marketing blogger, and Kevin O'Gorman, co-founder of the Georgia Game Developers Association and SIEGE Conference, have teamed up with Impackt to bring you this accessible, step-by-step tutorial. They'll take you all the way from Gamification Rookie to Master in 30 days, using interactive exercises to equip you with all the tools of modern gamification. By planning and developing tailored rewards and challenges, you will attract new customers and keep existing clients coming back for more. Mastering this method will be the best thing you ever did for your business.
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    Неплохой чек лист для разработки геймификации. Кейсы немного устаревшие правда. Читается очень легко и быстро, но многое просто пробегала по диагонали, так как не все важно для конкретной цели.


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    fact, you are about to launch a long-range, ongoing, continuous process of attracting the attention of a target audience, drawing them into a social space built around you and your products or services, encouraging them to evangelize about your products or services, and instilling in them an unshakable sense of loyalty.
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    It would be unwise to believe that taking complex gameplay systems and grafting them to your existing customer experience with the goal of creating a richer, more engaging one could be anything less.
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    social influence, recognition, and joint benefit enhance a player's attitude toward the use of the game.

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