Wayne Walker

Expert Advisor Programming And Advanced Forex Strategies

This special combination book, Expert Advisor Programming and Advanced Forex Strategies, will provide you with a solid foundation of the techniques required for profiting by combining expert advisor programming with advanced forex strategies. When finished you will have a deep understanding of the forex market from several angles. The emphasis throughout is on practical applications.

Part 1: Expert Advisor Programming for Beginners: Maximum MT4 Forex Profit Strategies

You will discover step by step along with clear visuals on how to profit with MT4 programming. Automated trading is often shrouded in mystery along with many misconceptions about who it can benefit. We peal away the layers of this misunderstood world in the book.

Part 2: Expert Advisor and Forex Trading Strategies: Take Your Expert Advisor and Forex Trading To The Next Level

You will learn advanced trading strategies along with easy to understand visuals on how to increase profits. This is a unique combination of manual and automated trading. Therefore it is for the intermediate to advanced manual trader and those seeking an insight into programmed trading.
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