Larry Ellison

Business Adventures

Have you ever wanted to start your own small business, but had no idea how to do so?
In this day and age, starting a new small business can be hard, and in a sense, it's kind of like an adventure, filled with ups and downs, and the like. But there, is a plan of action you can take in order to be successful, and this book will show you how to get started with a small business.
In this book, you'll learn:
•What it takes to create a small business.
•The legalities of a small business.
•Branding and marketing strategies.
•How to effectively generate an income for your business
•How to combat travails including how to get out of insolvency.
By the end of this, you will know quite a lot about the various aspects of a business, and trough this, you will learn just how you can be successful in the realm of small business, and how to adequately take this on and create the successful life and business that you've always wanted.
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