Larry Ellison

Business Adventures

This book, Business Adventures: Tips & Tricks to Maximize Profit, is written for the person that needs to know the information and strategies to be a successful business entrepreneur.

It is not enough to merely own a business; you must also analyze your products and services in order to accrue your maximum profit.
In this book we teach you:
•Tips to keep overhead costs low
•Strategies to increase sales
•Calculations to determine profit margin and net profit
•How to figure the Cost of Goods Sold or Services
•How to scrutinize sales to determine price margins
•Keys for a Successful Business Endeavor
•Pricing Strategies
•Cost consolidation
•Loss Prevention
•Inventory Control
•Social Media marketing tricks
Although this does not contain every possible contingency to increase your maximum profits, it will inspire and educate you on possible revenue streams that you may have overlooked. 
This book will inform you where you can streamline your organization in order to increase your net profit.
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