William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night

Twelfth Night, Or What You Will is a comedy by William Shakespeare, based on the short story “Of Apolonius and Silla” by Barnabe Rich. It is named after the Twelfth Night holiday of the Christmas season. It was written around 1601 and first published in the First Folio in 1623. The main title is believed to be an afterthought, created after John Marston premiered a play titled What You Will during the course of the writing.
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    Shakespeare's literature is like a fish-free aquarium. His all plays are amazing not only twelfth night. Words are not sufficient to say it.

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    that can be can come between me and the full
    prospect of my hopes
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    Smiling at grief. Was not this love indeed?
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    She is drowned already, sir, with salt
    water, though I seem to drown her remembrance again with more

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