Happiness, Pleasure, Joy, Bliss

Happiness, Pleasure, Joy, Bliss are addressed here by Osho and we learn the different levels of development: “Let us start from the lowest because that will be easier to understand, that’s where man biologically is born. Pleasure is physical…”Ordinarily, in the dictionaries you will find bliss defined as happiness, pleasure, joy. Linguistically they all appear to have a similar meaning; existentially it is not so. And you will have to understand the subtle nuances and differences; only then you may be able to catch some hold of the phenomenon called bliss.
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    Shubhendu Kumarmembuat kutipan9 bulan yang lalu
    perhaps the almost impossible can become possible
    Shubhendu Kumarmembuat kutipan9 bulan yang lalu
    The “almost” depends on two things. First: if you are available, open, relaxed, with no idea of what bliss is, just a pure inquiry without any prejudice, without any mind; if your heart is available without any conditions from your side – then
    naznizmembuat kutipan2 tahun yang lalu
    The moment you know who you are, instantly, immediately, all the bliss of the whole existence is yours. You are so full of bliss that you can bless everybody, the whole existence, without ever exhausting it.

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